Receiving A Diploma in Business Administration

Receiving a business administration diploma means that a person has completed an all-around college level program that covers all of the A to Z principles of business. Courses that would be typically given would include introduction to business, accounting courses, business math, business law, computer basics, ethics in business, marketing, real estate business diplomaprinciples, city government, taxes, banking and other business centered coursework.

There might also be some internship involved where a student could spend some time in a going concern and just be able to see how an actual business really runs and operates.

Running a business is a lot like the circus act where the man starts to spin one plate on the end of a stick, then two, three, four, and then five. By the time he gets the fifth plate spinning, he sees that the first plate is beginning to wobble, so he rushes back to it and gives it another spin, and so on down the line again.

So he must almost be a perpetual motion machine in order to keep his plates spinning as he has to run back and forth all of the time to keep the plates spinning around. Business at times seems much like the spinning plate routine, and it is like spinning the plates to keep up.

Reality is the best teacher, and the student learns that real life and experience far outweighs class work as a way to learn from experience, and that is where the real knowledge comes from.

The student learns that the only reason that a business really exists is to make a profit. If the business did not make a reasonable profit, it would fail, and everyone involved, the owner and his employees would have to find something else to do.

business students and teachers

If there were no profits, there would not be any money with which to purchase any inventory to sell to customers, nor would there be any money to pay the salaries of any employees. Then above all, the owner would not stay with the business if he did not make a large profit from the business.

A diploma with a business administration degree is a good start in the right direction, but the final battle is in the actual trenches of running the business every day. The diploma, however gives the business owner lots of great information so he or she can keep the doors open, continue in making a profit, and so there are happy employees and happy customers.

Owning and running a business is not easy, and it usually take long hours to tend to things, such as waiting on customers, tracking the cash flow, meeting customers whenever possible, ordering goods and services, keeping track of inventory, settling employee disputes, and a myriad of other elements that rear up during the tenure of a business owner.

sales team

A diploma in business administration signifies that the student has studied enough the core work, and all the tests have been passed, and that this person is competent to go fourth into the world and be able to run a business on their own.

How Bitcoin Is Performing In Malaysia

Before we can take a closer look at how Bitcoin is faring in Malaysia, you need to have a good understanding of what Bitcoin actually is first.

What is Bitcoin?

In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto invented and published a new payment system called Bitcoin.  It was released as a peer-to-peer, open-source system.  Bitcoin is very unique in how it works.  Users are able to directly transact with one another without needing an intermediary or services from a bitcoin heremiddle man.  A network node verifies all transactions and they are recorded in a ledger that is publicly distributed and called a block chain.

Bitcoin does not require an administrator or central repository.  It is basically considered to be in a decentralized category of virtual currency.  Users basically offer their computer skills for verifying and recording payments into the public ledger.  They get rewarded through transactions fees and newly created Bitcoins.  This process is called mining.

What is really nice about Bitcoin is that its transaction fees are exceptionally low.  This allows users to save by trading with it compared to the traditional monetary system.  Although it is not completely legalized yet, Bitcoin is quickly being accepted as a reliable type of trade and taking root fast in the world of commerce.

Legality And Global Penetration

Bitcoin has slowly been making its way into the global market since 2009.  Many individuals in many countries have taken it up and used it as a reliable kind of trading and money transfer.  Its ever spreading use and increasing penetration shows how effective it is as a monetary system, along with the potential it has of becoming a trusted monetary source very soon.  It has caused quite a few ripples in the world of finance, like the time when the price of one Bitcoin skyrocketed above one troy ounce of gold’s price.

Bitcoin In Malaysia

buy bitcoin
Bitcoin Malaysia is quickly taking root, with so many of the country’s citizens beginning to realize how valuable it is.  The influence of Bitcoin is so great that in 2013 one the major banks in Malaysia met with some local advocates of Bitcoin so that they could learn more about this monetary system.  Although no fruits were born from this significant move, just the sheer fact that they showed an interest demonstrates how influential this system is.

The Central bank does not regulate the use of Bitcoin in Malaysia.  And although users are encouraged not to use the system given the risks that are associated with it, an increasing number of the nation’s people are using and trading Bitcoin.

Since entering the Malaysian market, people’s use of Bitcoin has grown significantly.  Several individuals have started local Bitcoin trading companies with global outreach.  The companies include,, BitX Malaysia and a few more.

Given that Bitcoin usage and trading is fairly restricted in the country, purchasing and using Bitcoins can be fairly complicated, although not too difficult.  The good news is there is an approach that is available for users for trading the virtual coin.  Since Bitcoin is not traded yet in Malaysian Ringgit, it can be a limitation that is problematic.

Users can still do trades by converting their own currency into one of the accepted currencies, including the U.S. Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar and Singapore Dollar.  Once their currency has been converted, money can be bitcoin tradingtransferred to any of the Boitcion trading companies mentioned above to begin purchasing Bitcoins.

You might wonder what you do with Bitcoins after you buy them.  You can purchase items using this currency.  There are a few businesses and companies in Malaysia that do accept Bitcoin as a payment form.  Or you could become a Bitcoin trader or seller and sell virtual coins in exchange for cash.

5 Secrets to Making a Great Wedding Cinematography

A wedding is one of the most important moments of a couple’s life together. So it makes sense for them to want to make their wedding cinematography as perfect as possible.

If you’re planning to get married soon, you must plan ahead for your cinematography. You have to take some time to choose your cinematographer and to come up with the best concept for your wedding video.

wedding cinematography planning

Here are some very important things you have to keep in mind to make your wedding video memorable and beautiful.

Secret 1: State of the art equipment

Obviously you can’t spend a fortune on video making equipment for your own wedding. This is why you should hire a professional cinematographer who has the latest equipment and uses advanced technologies to ensure your video will come out great.

wedding cinematography camera manSecret 2: Highly experienced videographers

A cinematographer with extensive experience in making wedding videos knows how to create the best videos. So, make sure you inquire about their skills and expertise before hiring them.

Secret 3: Communication

To ensure that you get the best video coverage for your wedding, you have to communicate with your chosen videographer the concept you want for your wedding. It’s your wedding after all. They may be able to give you suggestions but you should be the one making the final choice. So, communicate to them what you want instead of letting them do all the decision making.

Secret 4: Rehearsal

Rehearsal for wedding cinematography No matter how experienced a cinematographer is, mistakes are bound to happen. But if you set aside time to plan and do some rehearsals, mistakes can be kept to a minimum. You and the cinematographer should know the sequence of the wedding, positioning, etc. so as to be able to capture the best shots for each moment. Practice also helps you and your guests to be more natural on camera.

Secret 5: Lighting

Lighting is a key component in any video, and especially for wedding videos. Make sure your videographer knows the venue’s lighting so that they can bring the appropriate equipment to use.

How to Start an Online Fashion Store in Malaysia

These days, it’s very easy to start a business and make money. Just a few decades ago, if you wanted to become a business person, you had to have a huge capital. You also needed to find a location for your store or office, hire employees and pay for utilities. However, things have changed significantly since the inception of the Internet.

online fashion store make easy

Nowadays, you don’t need a physical store or office, and there’s absolutely no need to hire employees especially for small startup companies. If you’re thinking of starting an online fashion store in Malaysia, you only need a few things:

1. You will need a computer and a stable Internet connection.
2. You will need to have a website which will serve as your e-store. To build a website, you’ll need a web design, a domain name (name of your store), and a web hosting service.
3. You will also need a supplier of the products you will be selling. It’s important that this supplier is reliable, trustworthy, prompt and provides quality items. If you want to start it small, you can always get from Malaysia online fashion wholesale such as to become your supplier to ease the job.

online fashion wholesale in Malaysia

Once you have all these requirements ready, you can start selling online from your online fashion store. At the beginning, you will have little or no sales at all but this should not discourage you. This is normal for any online business.

If you provide excellent quality fashionable clothes and accessories at very competitive prices, then soon, word will spread about your online store and you’ll have more and more people buying from your website.

For those with a budget set aside for marketing, you may want to consider online advertising. You can buy advertising space on websites related to your website (fashion blogs, fashion news, etc.) or you can pay Google for your site to appear in search results (Adwords). These things cost money but they’re a great way to gain lots of visitors to your site in a short period of time.

Finally, make sure to provide good customer service. You must be prompt at answering questions or enquiries from your customers, and you should be quick at providing solutions to complaints that they have. With great products and equally great service, you will have a better chance at having a successful online fashion business.

Pointers When Buying a Server Rack in Malaysia

Server racks are crucial to the function of your servers which is why it’s really important that you choose carefully. Remember that server racks will house one of your company’s most critical equipment: servers. So, you must make sure that it can effectively cool, power and protect your servers.

Server racks in malaysia

Here are some pointers to remember when shopping for a server rack Malaysia:

  1. HP 10000 Server RacksMake sure you purchase a server rack in the right size. So, obviously, before buying a rack, you have to purchase your server first or at the very least, know the dimensions of the server you will get. You also need to decide first on where you will place your servers so you can allocate the appropriate space for it. Take into consideration that these racks are measured using the EIA standard “rack units” or rack U” and 1 unit is equivalent to 1.75 inches in height.
  2. The server rack must have security measures in place. Good quality server racks have locks in the front and rear and they also have monitoring devices so you are alerted in case there is unauthorized access to the server. In fact, some racks have camera pods and sensors so you will see everyone who goes inside the server room.
  3. Consider getting a custom rack design. Some manufacturers of server racks actually enable clients to choose their own designs and options. For example, you can choose between adjustable and fixed shelves, number of mounting rails, panels, and the height of the rack. If you’re willing to pay a bit more for your server rack Malaysia based manufacturers can actually create a rack that’s completely made to meet your specific requirements.
  4. Take advantage of the more advanced power technologies. The latest power technologies used in server racks will help you lower your electricity costs because they ensure there is a balanced and more stable distribution of power load and they also have fewer power distribution units (PDU).
  5. Finally, make sure the server rack has a proper cooling mechanism so that your servers don’t overheat and result to a much lowered power consumption.

Why Your Company Needs a Talent Management Agency In Malaysia

With today’s highly competitive markets, it’s more important than ever for a new business to put time and effort into constructing a reliable human resources structure. As a matter of fact, human resources management has become an integral part of modern business strategies in Malaysia. A companies ability to manage their resources and talent can either make or break their future in a competitive market. It’s for this very reason that business owners are no longer overlooking the various aspects of human resources.

Talent Management for Corporate

Finding the right talent for your business can be one of the most difficult tasks in these competitive fields. With many competitors, especially competitors with deeper wallets, you have less of a chance for finding the perfect talent for your business. However, competitors can never really take all of the talent. There will always be someone out there that is perfect for the position you are offering, but it can take some time finding them. What’s worse is that this additional stress often causes business owners to hire employees that aren’t really right for their team. When an owner starts to believe he needs to take whatever he can get, they start making poor choices and rash decisions that can hurt the future of the business.

Talent Management StrategiesA talent management agency (e.g. eEssence) can help remedy all of these problems and plenty more. Most business owners agree that working with a talent management agency is a necessary expense to stay ahead in their niche. Talent agencies work to find the people that are perfect for your business. This means weeding through all of the bad talent and finding the individuals with the proper talent, experience, and charisma for your work force. Once you have the right people on your team, your company can start meeting its goals and expanding as a corporation.

Marketing Strategies For Event Management Companies

There are two major ways to address this topic, the first way is to talk about how using the internet to bring in more clients and the second way is to talk about marketing event via the internet. It was a struggle to decide which angle to choose for this article so a decision was made to discuss both angles because they both require some of the same marketing strategies and often a company needs to address both issues. This will not be a long article with a ton of fluff but will contain the bare-bones of marketing that will help event management companies in Malaysia.

Getting Found

Outdoor event improve visibilityFor any business, marketing and sales are their lifeblood. If no one knows that you exist, you might as well not be in business. For many companies with a great reputation and a huge book of business, word of mouth is probably the only marketing that they need. For smaller companies, they need to tackle internet marketing as hard as they can. To do this the right way, that means owning the top keywords for your business, having an active and domineering social media present and ranking your website for several exploratory and money making keywords. All of this will allow clients to find you.

Packing The Event

Marketing strategies meeting Once you have a client, you want to do a great job and have as many important people show up as possible. Similar to getting found in the last section, people need to know that you are having an event and they need to know why the should come. This is where social media and making videos are your best tool to get the message out. With the internet, you can easily target the right people for your event and make them realize why they have to show up.

As you can see, there are many marketing strategies that an event management company should use to get new clients and to make their clients happy. In today’s world, you can not afford to overlook the internet because it is the first place where people look for what is going on in the world. When people search for an event management company, they have to find your company and it takes a quality internet marketing campaign to make sure that happens. If you are ready to get to the top, contact us so that we can get you started.

SEO Services In Malaysia

seo in malaysiaWhen your website consistently ranks high on Google you will be well ahead of the competition and your business will make money. To improve your search engine website rankings and maximize its potential you need the services of a professional Search Engine Optimization company in Malaysia with the object of driving traffic to your website and improving search engine placement.

SEO in Malaysia is not nothing new. There are many offering SEO service with various method and pricing. An experienced SEO company who specializes in SEO services will conduct an analysis of your current website to identify any issues with design, structure or content that may be hindering optimal search engine ranking and indexing. Based on their findings, they will highlight strategic areas that need improvement and recommend the best course of action. As each SEO campaign is unique, they will develop a tailored approach to meet the needs of your particular objectives and give you a free estimate.

SEO services help buyers find your products or services by optimizing your website to increase traffic flow, which in turn will result in increased online inquiries and sales. Search Engine Optimization service companies make use of comprehensive techniques that are innovative and ethical to help you stay ahead of the competition on an ongoing basis.

What can SEO Services in Malaysia do for You?

seo targetIn order to compete in the current market situation, many companies use Google Adwords pay-per-click programs for advertising purposes. Initially this will lead to impressive results, however the unrecoverable monthly costs soon cut into profits. Taking this route inevitably leads to the rise of bigger issues because long term concerns such as click fraud, traffic limits and rising ad costs, are not addressed.

By integrating SEO services into your marketing strategy, these long term concerns will be effectively taken care of so that you can enjoy the benefits of an online asset that is a powerful sales and lead generator with successful results. Effective SEO services will build brand recognition, raise your online visibility and improve traffic performance to earn more money for your business.

The SEO Process in Malaysia

seo process

  • Keyword analysis, research and review make use of software programs to determine actual word usage and target the ones that will improve the visibility of your website.
  • SEO of Content. Writing, modifying and analyzing textual content with carefully placed keywords to maximize results.
  • A Competitive Analysis Report will identify issues that negatively impact your current website.
  • Web Page Optimization and Meta Tags.
  • Web Page Submission.
  • Link Optimization, adding external inbound and outbound links to and from relevant websites.
  • Manual submissions to top search engines.

With SEO services you can sit back and watch the profits come in while the work is being done for you.

Reasons behind the Growing Demand for Event Management Services in Malaysia

Event management for large attendees in MalaysiaThis is a great time in Malaysia to be a professional event planner. Each day, more businesses realize they need a professional on their team that can plan and execute the “Big Day” that is coming up. This “Big Day” could be different things to different companies, whether conferences, seminars, or fundraisers, it’s always best to have a professional event planner working on your team. There’s no denying that there is a steadily increasing demand for event management in Malaysia, but what’s really surprising is that there are still plenty of companies out there who haven’t jumped on board quite yet. If you’re one of those people wondering what a professional event management services will bring to the table, then you have come to the right place.

Events without Any Stress

Business lauching event without stress

If you’re a business owner, then the idea of a stress-free event probably sounds really foreign and too good to be true. However, that’s exactly what you get when you decide to bring professional event management services onboard. There will always be some decisions that you’ll need to address, but for the majority of the planning process, you can rest assured that a qualified professional is getting the job done. Whether it’s scheduling, budgeting, setting venues, hiring caterers, or organizing the decorations and entertainment source, it’s all taken off of your shoulders. This allows you time to get back to important things around the offices that are more suited towards your skill set. Once you’ve enjoyed a stress-free event you’ll realize why there is an increasing demand for event management services.

Coming Prepared With Experience And Contacts

Event venue at KL hotelOne of best things that come from hiring an experienced event management service is the actual experience itself and the many contacts that come from that experience. You won’t need to waste time finding the best venues, or locating the best decorators, or even finding the best centerpieces for all of the tables. All of this is handled by the planner, but what’s even better is that they likely already know where the best of all these things are located. This means they can get the job done faster because they know exactly where to go to get what they need. They should come prepared with plenty of suggestions, locations, and ideas that can help you get ahead.

As the demand for quality event management services increases, they will continue to offer even better services to stand out from the competition.

Leadership Training in Malaysia and its Benefits

The term ’empowerment’ is something that you will hear whenever you attend a human resources conference; however, what does it really mean? Well, it means the empowering of one’s staff to provide a style of leadership enabling them to encourage others to reach their full potential. This empowerment often leads to other advantages within the company, such as staff morale, a reduction in leave and overall increased productivity.

What is leadership training

You may be asking: how do I gain this leadership and empowerment in my staff? The answer is quite simple, through leadership training. According to Eessence, leadership training is something new to most of the local companies in Malaysia.

Leadership training refers to different training courses, generally offered by occupational psychologists trained in group dynamics and human resourcing. It focuses on the different aspects of leadership, including building of teams, group dynamics and communication skills.

Leadership training in MalaysiaAs a leader it is important that you set up and understand the different boundaries within your team. Furthermore, you must have the strength and ability to manage teams effectively and make confident decisions within these teams. It has been seen that these strategies benefit individuals greatly, and consequently the company.

One benefit from leadership training is personal empowerment. If a person is sent to leadership training they will feel a sense of importance. During the course they will discover their personal motivation to achieve goals, in addition to communication and team building skills. By putting this personal empowerment into practice you will notice a boost of confidence and increase in their productivity.

Another significant benefit of introducing leadership training is the presence of team empowerment. Just as individuals feel a sense of personal empowerment, the teams will experience team empowerment. This is known as a ‘hidden’ advantage, but the introduction of stronger communication and interpersonal skills will bring about greater team congruency.

In conclusion, leadership training can be very beneficial to a company’s development and ongoing productivity through empowerment of their staff.